Studio dib

Building bridges between brand, innovation, sustainability & design
to help companies grow into conscious brands

What we do


Build a conscious brand from the inside

How do you build a conscious, future ready brand?

Brand purpose - DNA - brand strategy - (re)positioning - marketing strategy - brand storytelling - brand space & interior design

Grow through sustainable innovation

How to translate your brand into sustainable propositions?

Innovation strategy - innovation roadmap - portfolio strategy - customer journey - proposition development - circular design thinking

Balance business & sustainability strategy

How to align your business strategy with sustainability ambitions?

Sustainability strategy - sustainability framework - create programs - circular brand & design principles - co-creation - stakeholder engagement


Studio dib was started by Nicole van de Velde in 2014. 

A creative and strategic mind with 15 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing, innovation and design. Building conscious brands, from start-up to scale-up to multinational. Always through a design thinking approach. 

‘I love to guide companies in exploring new territories. Whether it’s about rediscovering their brand essence, defining new innovations or incorporating sustainability into their strategy. I believe that bringing together brand, innovation & sustainability is a driving force for companies to thrive and do good.


We work with companies & brands to create a positive impact

Partner network

Collaboration is key, these are partners we work with to create positive impact


Nicole is a great professional, super effective with clients, very solid at her strategic design work and always one step ahead. But what's more important maybe is that she's also a great person, whose enthusiasm, optimism, open mindedness and willingness to help out are a joy to have around. I'd recommend anyone with a strategic innovation challenge that requires a design approach: hire her!
I'm sure everyone who works with Nicole can agree that she is very professional, competent, hands on, and that she is a fun person to be around with. One skill in particular comes up when I think of her, she has the ability to make complicated things become very simple. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for hands-on guidance on brand development, creative strategy or incorporating sustainability into your brand. She will rock it!